Just Grace and the Super Sleepover

Just Grace and the Super Sleepover: Excerpt

Sometimes even if you know that something is true, you can still have trouble believing it.  That’s how I felt when Miss Lois was showing us the globe of the world, and talking about the world.  I should have been listening, but it’s hard to do two things at once, especially if one of those things is trying to figure out if you might be hanging upside down.
Miss Lois is good at noticing stuff, because even though I was being careful and only moving when she was looking away, she still saw me.  This was unlucky, because Miss Lois is not the kind of teacher who just nods and gives you a silent I-need-you-to-pay-attention look.  She’s loud.  If you get caught doing something wrong in her class, everyone is going to know about it.  That’s why as soon as she stopped talking and looked at me, I knew I was in trouble.  Miss Lois pointed her finger and said, “Just Grace, stop fidgeting in your seat and pay attention.” As soon as she said that, everyone in the whole class turned around and looked at me.  This kind of attention is not the same as getting attention when you are on stage.
I put my head down and stared at the eraser on my desk until my face felt normal, and not hot and red anymore.  When I looked up, everyone was back to looking at Miss Lois, except for one person, but that was okay, because I was expecting it.  I looked across the room and found Mimi.  She nodded her head and gave me a big you’ll-be-okay smile.  Instantly I started to feel better.  It was the exact right thing for a best friend to do.
Owen 1 says that the reason that Miss Lois is good at noticing stuff is because she has fly eyes.  Of course that’s 100 percent crazy and not true, but when Owen 1 says weird stuff, it’s better to pretend you didn’t hear him.  Arguing with Owen 1 is not a good idea.  He’s a bad loser.
Sometimes when I am mad or upset I like to draw comics.  I don’t know why it works, but it usually helps me feel better. I did that the last time Owen 1 was a bad loser, and when I was done I felt almost 100 percent better, plus it was fun to draw him saying he was sorry.  Even if something doesn’t happen in real life, it can help you feel better just imagining it.