Just Grace and the Double Surprise

Just Grace and the Double Surprise: Excerpt


Any day now Mimi, my best friend in the whole world, is going to be getting a brand-new sister. The minute the special phone call comes, Mimi and her parents are going to rush out the door, jump into their car, and drive off to get her. Mimi can’t wait for that day to happen. It’s very exciting.

Mimi said the waiting for the special call is making everyone at her house really jumpy, especially when the phone rings. That’s why her mom has a new rule about me calling Mimi on the phone. The new rule is don’t call. If I want to talk to Mimi I have to go over and knock on her front door—but this is only until the sister gets here. After that I get to use the phone again.

I want the big day to happen too. I don’t like the waiting part. It’s a new kind of waiting that I haven’t known before—it’s excited plus nervous plus worried plus happy all mixed together. And even though it’s for something really good and great, it doesn’t feel super comfortable.