Just Grace: Star on Stage

Just Grace Star on Stage: Excerpt

My kind of brain is an imagination brain, it’s not super excited about facts.
That's why it was a surprise for me to be excited about Miss Lois on a Monday
morning. But this wasn’t a regular Monday. On this Monday Miss Lois said
something she had never said before, and that changed everything. One good
sentence can do that, I didn't know that this could be true, but it is.


Everyone put their hands up and waved them in the air like crazy. Now we were all trying to get Miss Lois’s attention. Nothing like this had ever happened on a Monday before.

Even though there were lots of people to pick from, Miss Lois did her usual thing and picked Sunni first. Usually when she does this no one cares, but today there was lots of groaning and complaining. Owen 1 even said, "No fair, she always gets picked." Miss Lois didn’t change her mind though, she just looked at him and said, "Don't speak out of turn."

Normally Sunni’s kind of a show off when she answers a question, but today was different. When Miss Lois pointed to her, Sunni just sat looking nervous and stayed quiet. Finally Miss Lois had to walk over to her desk and ask her, “Sunni, do you have a question?” We all waited for what seemed like forever, and then finally Sunni spoke.

I was surprised about her question, but it wasn’t just me that was surprised, because suddenly everyone was talking. Miss Lois waved her hand for us to be quiet, and then said, "No one has to be in the play. If you don’t want to act, you don’t have to. There are going to be lots of ways to help with the play without being on stage. But don’t think you can just watch and do nothing. This is a class project. Everyone has to participate." After she said that, there were even more questions than before. Sometimes answers are like that.

Some of the people in our class don't pay attention. I know this because every time Miss Lois talks about something new the same thing always happens. Someone asks a question, and then two seconds later, right after she finishes answering it, someone else asks the exact same question. Miss Lois spends
a lot of time saying the same stuff over and over again. It would drive me crazy, but I guess she’s used to it.

The four most popular questions were:
1. Can I have one of the star parts?
2. Who chooses the parts?
3. Are we going to have to sing?
4. Do we get to wear costumes?

The best part about talking about the play, was that it took up almost all of our morning. We still had to do spelling, but everyone was so happy and excited, we hardly noticed how boring it was.


1. The star parts are going to be decided after everyone does an audition.
2. Miss. Perry is the director of the play, so she is going to choose the cast. We are very lucky to have her here for this special project. She is also a very good actress.
3. No there will not be singing.
4. Yes, there will be costumes.

Mimi and I talked about the play. There was a lot to talk about. We made a few guesses about what kind of play it could be, but really we had no idea. The only thing we were sure of was that it probably wasn’t going to be a love story or a fighting story. Miss Lois said that those kinds of plays were not appropriate for schools. Both girls and boys were disappointed about the same amount, so that was fair.

Even though Mimi and I are best friends, we sometimes like completely different things. I was excited about the being in the play, and Mimi was excited about the helping with the play. Her feelings about the play were a little more like Marta’s than mine, but that didn’t matter, the amount of excited we had was still the same amount.