Grace’s Green Tips

Just Grace and her class learned a lot about “going green” from Miss Louis. You can learn a lot about it too, all you have to do is read Just Grace Goes Green. This is one of those really good kind of books where you learn important stuff about the world, but it doesn’t seem like school, because the reading part of the book is so much fun!

Just Grace’s Green Tips

Yard Sale!
  1. Recycle! This means that instead of just throwing things in the garbage, you separate them out and put them in special bins so that they can be used again to make new stuff. Things you can recycle: Paper, plastic, glass, foil, cans, and more…
  2. Conserve! This means if you are not going to be in a room, you should turn out the light, so you are not using up energy for no reason.
  3. Reuse! This means that instead of throwing something away you find someone else who can use it, and then you sell it or give it to them.

Some Fun Green Projects

  1. Create your own Green Superhero! Create a costume for your superhero that shows how they recycle, reuse or conserve. Give them a special planet-saving super-power!
  2. Endangered Animal Mascot!Pick an endangered animal mascot! Learn everything you can about this endangered animal and ways you can help. Mimi and Grace picked the red panda. What animal will you pick?
  3. Decorate a plastic water bottle with drawing or jewels so that it’s special and you’ll want to re-use it every day instead of throwing it away. Did you know that it takes 500 years for one plastic bottle to break down and disappear into the earth???

Plastic Bottle Art!