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This interactive information software includes the full print-version texts of The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition; Roget's II: The New Thesaurus; and more. If you're connected to the Internet, for example, you can get real voice pronunciations and brilliant color images.

Includes text-to-speech audio so you can hear definitions read aloud!

This product is no longer available for purchase.

Computer requirements:
Windows: 125 MB free disk space
WindowsWindows 7 & Vista
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WindowsWindows XP, ME, 2000
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Mac OS X: 75 MB free disk space
Mac OSMac OS 10.4-10.6
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Mac OSMac OS 10.0-10.3
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Other reference titles previously found on this site are no longer available for purchase.

For Linux-users:
There is a free open-source program known as "wine" which a user informs us enables you to run eReference on Linux computers. We have not tested this officially so please do not buy eReference for Linux until you have downloaded the demo and tested this yourself. Even so we make no guarantees for this configuration. For more information on the latest version of Wine (v0.9.46), please visit www.winehq.org

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