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Tolkien's Middle-earth:

Lesson Plans for Secondary School Educators

Unit Nine: "The Quest Is Achieved"

Preliminary Quiz

1. Name something that Sam threw into "one of the many gaping fissures that scored the land" of Mordor.

(Answers: Frodo's orc gear — shield, helmet, cloak — and his own pans, pages 916–17)

2. What lay did the minstrel sing on the Field of Cormallen?

(Answer: "Frodo of the Nine Fingers and the Ring of Doom," page 933)

3. To whom did Éowyn give an ancient horn from the hoard of Scatha the Worm?

(Answer: Merry, page 956)

4. Gandalf left the hobbits' company before they reached the Shire because he wanted to have a long talk with someone. Who was it?

(Answer: Tom Bombadil, page 974)

5. Who did not approve of "ironmongery, whether it wears well or no"?

(Answer: Gaffer Gamgee, Sam's father, page 991)

6. At the Grey Havens, who was seen to be wearing the elven ring "Vilya, mightiest of the Three"?

(Answer: Elrond, page 1005)

Unit Nine Content

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Preliminary Quiz
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