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Tolkien's Middle-earth:

Lesson Plans for Secondary School Educators

Unit Nine: "The Quest Is Achieved"

Key Terms

archetype (ar-ki-tipe) An ideal or primal version of a concept, object, or human quality. Aragorn can be considered an archetypal epic hero and Frodo an archetypal fairy tale hero.

tragic hero A protagonist who, as a result of fate or a character flaw, falls from a high position and is subsequently ennobled by his suffering.

areté (ar-i-tay) Great personal excellence in both character and ability. Homer's warriors and Tolkien's heroes all have areté.

epiphany (eh-pif-eh-nee) A sudden insight resulting from an ordinary but striking event. Approaching the plain of Gorgoroth, Sam has an epiphany when he beholds a white star and finds his hope renewed.

scour (skow-ir) To clean something vigorously until all impurities are gone. In Chapter VIII of Book Six, Frodo and the other hobbits scour the shire of Saruman's malicious influence.

noisome (noy-sum) Offensive to the senses. Shelob inhabits a "noisome darkness."

palfrey (pahl-free) A riding horse as opposed to a war horse. Arwen rides a palfrey.

grist Grain ground in a mill. Sharkey's reign causes a shortage of grist in the Shire.

Unit Nine Content

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