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As Ever, Gordy

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As Ever, Gordy

Gordy couldn't be more unhappy about moving back to his hometown of College Hill, where everybody knows his family's troubled history. In North Carolina, Gordy's life had finally seemed to be on the right track. But in College Hill, Gordy and his sister, June, move into a cramped apartment with their brother Stu and his new family. The principal at Gordy's school immediately has it in for him, his old pals encourage him to cause trouble, and his one-time nemesis, Elizabeth, hates him more than ever. It seems to Gordy as though the whole world is against him. Will he slip back into his old trouble-making ways for good, or will he be able to keep growing into the successful person he was striving to become?


"Gordy is a painfully believable adolescent. . . . A worthy sequel to Stepping on Cracks (1991) and Following My Own Footsteps (1996), but this also stands well on its own."
—ALA Booklist

"Hahn expertly shows how the expectations of others influence Gordy's behavior, as he struggles to step away from his bad old self. . . . While Gordy's anger is the dominant feeling here, flashes of humor and deftly inserted historical details of the post WW II era lighten the load."
Kirkus Reviews