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The Doll in the Garden

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The Doll in the Garden

There's something strange about Ashley's new home. A spooky white cat appears in the garden but doesn't cast a shadow. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Ashley is sure she hears a child crying out in the darkness. When she finds an old doll, Ashley wants to keep it for herself. But an eerie encounter makes it clear that the doll's rightful owner wants it back . . . even though she died seventy years ago.


• Georgia Children's Book Award
• Mark Twain Award (Missouri)
• Virginia Readers' Choice Award


"A captivating fantasy."
Publishers Weekly

"Thoughtful, entertaining fare for the middle grades."
Kirkus Reviews

"Hahn's elegant use of language, as well as her ability to probe complex emotions at a child's level, elevates this above-the-ordinary ghost tale into a story with universal themes."

"While Hahn entertains her readers, she touches their hearts."
—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"A suspenseful, eerie ghost story that crosses time barriers into the past. A yummy scare."
—The Times-Picayune