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Since the publication of Beautiful Boy, I’ve met hundreds of people and heard from thousands more. They represent millions of us—people whose lives have been impacted by their own or a loved one’s addiction. Many told overwhelmingly heartrending stories. People wrote or spoke about the ways addiction has consumed (and often still consumes) their lives. Their pain is so familiar to me--desperate and unbearable. Everyday I hear more stories. Sometimes I feel as if I’ll drown. Relapse, loss, anguish, rage, death – the stories often devastate me. There’s death everywhere. “Your family’s story is my family’s story,” people say. Over and over and over again. “But we had a different conclusion. My beautiful boy didn’t make it.” “My beautiful girl died.”

There’s grief and despair, but also hope – hope measured in years or months or weeks or a day. A woman in recovery for thirty-seven years. A girl who says she’s been sober three days. And everyone in between.

Through my experience as well as others’ I’ve come to understand the power of sharing our stories with one another. For me, it was an enormous relief to know I wasn't alone. I felt slightly less overwhelmed. In addition, others’ stories prepared me for challenges that would have otherwise blindsided me. They were no panacea, but I was grateful for even the most modest relief and any guidance.

This forum is for us – all of us -- anyone who has been touched by addiction
David Sheff

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