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Topic: A High Desert Report August 12, 2010
Replies: 1   Pages: 1   Last Post: Aug 13, 2010 12:41 PM by: waterdance

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Replies: 1

Posts: 624
Registered: 6/10/09
A High Desert Report August 12, 2010
Posted: Aug 12, 2010 4:39 AM
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Hello All...I'm up late. Sometimes happens. Thoughts keep coming.
Went to decompression place...will cost a bit over 4,000. Insurance will cover about 2,000. Have to try this, don't want surgery. Have pain most all the time now. Can't live on pain pills either. Take 2 in afternoon to get a few things done...put dishes in dishwasher, feed dogs, cats, wash a few loads of clothes.
This decompressing place has brand new building. The decor was mud brown walls, rugs. Some plants that won't make it...poor lighting. Good lord who was their decorator??!! Well, no matter I'll keep my mouth shut and get through this. Insurance man coming by in morning. Not sure what for. I'll watch what I sign if I sign anything at all. Insurance man said he could come by Wednesday or Thursday. I told him Thursday was fine. Almost said I had a my bungee lessons on Wednesday but stopped myself. I have found that not everyone has a sense of humor around these parts. Thinking of all of you. Hugs and more hugs, Deb


Posts: 624
Registered: 6/10/09
Re: A High Desert Report August 12, 2010
Posted: Aug 13, 2010 12:41 PM
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Good Morning,Sunshine today. We are still in monsoon season. Storms predicted this weekend. Across the road from us, big lawn wedding tomorrow at four. Chuck & I & my brother invited. We won't be going...have had nothing but problems from Mr. C. for past 14 years. Always reporting me for weeds, stuff stored outside (I live on an acre). He threw a fit because I had two French doors leaning against the pink shed. Has asked that we park our cars in a line??!! Of course I'm not the only neighbor he reports. One neighbor trimmed his hedge after being reported but left one lone branch sticking straight up by 3 feet! What's that saying? LOL Recently I hear an untrue story about my daughter this nutty bozo is spreading. I did say 2 months ago that they could use my property for parking. I'll park my Cadillac in front of my young plum tree so that no one hits it....Take care, Deb

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