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Topic: our story
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our story
Posted: May 3, 2010 10:42 AM
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So I just finished reading 'Beautiful Boy' and placed an online order for 'Tweak'.

I've got two teenage boys who've 'experimented' with marijuana....and many other drugs. I did too...when I was their age...so did almost everyone I know....with the exception of their father.

In December I discovered some things my youngest (16 yrs) wrote on the internet and I began searching for treatment for him.

I never did confront him...I knew it would do no good...we'd only fight, which wouldn't help anything or anyone.

I did my homework...found a treatment center that seemed to fit his needs...and researched ways to get him there.

We hired an escort service (after much vetting) ...two men showed up at 4 am to take him to the airport and fly with him to an out of state treatment facility- (these guys were awesome...they did not use force...they really know what they're doing...I was CERTAIN my child would go kicking and screaming...he did not. anyway.... back to my story...

four days before Christmas, he was admitted into a residential therapeutic program. He was violent with staff on several occasions (in an attempt to get thrown out, I'm sure)...and did not speak to us for nearly three months.

He's doing much better.
hmmm... he's doing better controlling his outbursts (learning methods to deal with his emotions)...and with his relationships...I flew up a week ago...and my son and I spent 17 hours (over a three day weekend) off-campus together....we had a really good time. he's a different kid.

NOTE TO MODERATOR...I'm having trouble with this post...the only thing I can figure is that it's too long...but I can't see any restrictions listed on the site...I get an error if i try to post (or preview) any more than this. I'm going to send it in several sections...thanks

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