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Topic: our story-con't
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our story-con't
Posted: May 3, 2010 10:44 AM
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and...while he's gotten high in many different ways (just before being admitted into treatment he did not sleep for three days...high on over-the-counter cough medicine... 'robo-tripping')... he's admitted to 'huffing' household items, such as deodorant, etc. the only drug he's been diagnosed as 'dependent' upon is marijuana (and/or the new LEGAL version... 'spice' aka 'serenity' or 'mojo'...and a few other names (it doesn't show up in a drug test and is readily available at most tobacco shops and more recently even in local GAS stations!!)

He now says he realizes that other stuff was stupid and dangerous..and he will not engage in that behavior..but he WILL smoke marijuana or spice.... he sees no harm in it.

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that when he comes home. the 'spice' is a lot scarier to me than weed is (evidently...the compulsion to continue smoking, even once one is high, is intense...so...a user will smoke and smoke and smoke until it's gone....my son has had several really bad nose bleeds in his sleep due to smoking too much spice)... but I digress...
if I have a zero tolerance policy and test him for marijuana..he WILL smoke spice...and I will have no way of knowing/monitoring that.
so I struggle....BUT...it is not something I must deal with today :)

He is still in treatment.

And I REALLYYYYY TRYYYY to stay in the moment....but I am finding a great deal of difficulty doing that.

Reading 'Beautiful Boy' has actually made it more difficult.

It's making me FACE things...that I already knew to be true.

Here's the thing....

I have a kid, who, while he's certainly 'in trouble' or 'at risk'..whatever you want to call it...

he isn't addicted to some terrible drug (yet).

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