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Topic: outdoor wilderness program
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outdoor wilderness program
Posted: Aug 16, 2010 9:16 PM
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My son had been torturing us for four years we also found out he had been suffering . We tried everything therapists, psychiatrists, a week in a shelter. His abuse of drugs became worse his school grades plummeted, you all know the story. we had an intervention and had him enrolled in a wilderness program which i highly reccomend for anyone with children under the age of seventeen he got self control self confidence and has really gotten to realize how much the drugs came into play, he is a wonderful young man as are all the people that are mentioned in the blogs noone wants to be dependent on drugs or alcohol it is a terrible disease. But you really need to remove them from a harmful situation so they can see things different my son will be attending a boarding school for 12 months and then i believe college. These children need to find self love and then they can love others love yourself first is a great message and not a selfish one. Think about it if you are on a plane and it is in trouble and the oxygen masks fall from above who do you administer it to first yourself help yourself then help others. I strongly recommend these programs we got our son back it is beautiful. His spiritual healer told us some kids learn nothing when they come to a place like this they just remember what they had forgotten. God bless all of you who are suffering with troubled children or young adults I would not wish this on anyone.

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