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Topic: Daddy's baby girl
Replies: 1   Pages: 1   Last Post: Oct 8, 2010 2:47 PM by: Ann

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Replies: 1

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Daddy's baby girl
Posted: Oct 5, 2010 8:06 PM
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Being a teen is hard, but what's even harder is being a teen in a broken home. Not only are my parents divorced, but my father is a recovering drug addict was daddy's baby girl. I did everything with my dad, and he never missed a choir concert.Then I started noticing my parents fighting more, daddy was never home for more then a few hours. When he was home all he did was eat and sleep. My mom worked 3 jobs i went to school then came home and took care of my baby brother. Then the night of my xmas choir show my dad was not there, that was the first one he ever missed. I left crying and no one understood. That night my dad come home and my mom asked him were he was. Then he started yelling all i could do was sit there and listen to them. different thoughts went threw my mind as i heard my dad yelling at my mom. "should i go threw the window and leave?", "will mommy be ok?", "what's wrong with daddy?". I stay laying in the dark room tears fall from my eyes, and then walls shake glass falls. I try to block it out with music and nothing works, then i hear my mom sitting outside. My dad had locked her out. I didn't understand what was going on i was young. that night my dad went to jail, and we left town. I knew why my dad was in jail but i never understood. I never talked to anyone i just held it all in. After my dad had been in jail and rehab and jail again. He finally stayed in a rehab long enough to complete the program. I was there to celebrate, but that same day i watched my dad get put in handcuffs and taken away. Once again i held it all in. For the last 6 years i have grown up with no father, and not talking to anyone. I still get upset and have flash back when two people are fighting. Now i started getting extremely graphic dreams of my mother getting killed. This is my first step to counseling.


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Re: Daddy's baby girl
Posted: Oct 8, 2010 2:47 PM
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KeiraLinn, thank you for sharing with us. Unfortunately your story is all too common today. I'm glad you are speaking out and beginning to think about yourself. We all understand here. Please continue to write and share. There are many caring people on this forum, so you need not ever feel alone.
Thinking of you,

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