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Guyku Teacher Resources!

Below you'll find some fun, downloadable Guyku classroom activities and handouts for your students (boys and girls!)
designed to help you integrate writing and creativity into your teaching.

As a teacher on the front line, you've got a chance to inspire your students in ways that can have a lifelong impact.
By asking students to bring their work to life by creating haiku, art, and animation, you are nurturing more mindful and reflective learners.  

Haiku is not an activity.  
Haiku is a way of seeing the world.

Our hope is that these Guyku resources will help you get your students' creative juices flowing—
today, this week, all year long—
and for the rest of their lives.  

Guyku Teacher Tip. . .

Remember, if you can, to take your class outside from time to time—
a brief visit with nature can spark some great haiku,
and often serves as a quick fix for writer's block!

Activities and Inspiration. . .


Printable, Guyku-Ready Seasonal Borders. . .

When students are feeling a bit intimidated by the blank page, sometimes a writing prompt can help them get started. The team behind Guyku is happy to offer four sample borders from Dr. Peggy Healy Stearns' award-winning Stationery Studio® Writing Collection Deluxe (FableVision Learning), an easy-to-use word processor that lets you write at the computer or print stationery with customized lines and layout for writing by hand. (By the way—the designs in Stationery Studio were illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, illustrator of Guyku!)

Visit the Stationery Studio website to download these free borders.

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We'd love to hear about your successes using Guyku in the classroom. Share your best practices and stories about your classroom's work below!

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