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The Best American Essays 2013, selected and introduced by Cheryl Strayed, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wild and columnist for the celebrated column "Dear Sugar," showcases the best pieces of the year.


Foreword by Robert Atwan


Introduction by Cheryl Strayed


MARCIA ALDRICH. The Art of Being Born

from Hotel Amerika


POE BALLANTINE. Free Rent at the Totalitarian Hotel

from The Sun


CHARLES BAXTER. What Happens in Hell

from Ploughshares


J. D. DANIELS. Letter from Majorca

from The Paris Review


BRIAN DOYLE. His Last Game

from Notre Dame Magazine


DAGOBERTO GILB. A Little Bit of Fun Before He Died

from Zyzzyva


TOD GOLDBERG. When They Let Them Bleed

from Hobart


STEVEN HARVEY. The Book of Knowledge

from River Teeth



from Harper's



from River Teeth


WALTER KIRN. Confessions of an Ex-Mormon

from The New Republic


MICHELLE MIRSKY. Epilogue: Deadkidistan

from McSweeney's


ANDER MONSON. The Exhibit Will Be So Marked

from Normal School


ANGELA MORALES. The Girls in My Town

from Southwest Review



from Granta



from Prairie Schooner


KEVIN SAMPSELL. I'm Jumping Off the Bridge



RICHARD SCHMITT. Sometimes a Romantic Notion

from The Gettysburg Review


DAVID SEARCY. El Camino Doloroso

from The Paris Review


ZADIE SMITH. Some Notes on Attunement

from The New Yorker



from The Rumpus


JOHN JEREMIAH SULLIVAN. Where Hope and Human History Don't Rhyme

from The New York Times Magazine


VANESSA VESELKA. The Truck Stop Killer

from GQ


MATTHEW VOLLMER. Keeper of the Flame

from The New England Review


VICKI WEIQI YANG. Field Notes on Hair

from South Loop Review


MAKO YOSHIKAWA. My Father's Women

from The Missouri Review

Other distinguished essays, selected by series editor Robert Atwan.

Accawi, Anwar F. The Camel The Sun, October
Acocella, Joan Once Upon A Time The New Yorker, July 23
Adkins, Judith The Tree, The Forest Colorado Review, Fall/Winter
Adler, Jerry Raging Bulls Wired, September
Albert, Jason Down And Out In A Repurposed Troop Carrier The Morning News, August 27
Alexander, Pamela Brush Of Wildness Cimarron Review, Fall
Allison, Sue What I Did Without You Crazyhorse, Spring
Als, Hilton I Am Your Conscious, I Am Love Harper’s, December
Anderson, Aimee Indian Springs Gargoyle, No. 58
Anderson, Donald Gathering Noise Epoch, Vol. 61, No. 2
Anderson, Isaac Lord God Bird Image, No. 72
Anonymous The Facts Of The Matter Triquarterly, October 22
Antin, David White Ravens Black Helicopters The Southern Review, Spring
Appel, Jacob M. Livery Southeast Review, Vol. 30 No. 1
Arnold, Elizabeth Crossing The Divide The Gettysburg Review, Autumn
Arrivee, Alan The Appropriate Use Of Hands The Florida Review, Summer
Arthur, Chris Looking Behind “Nothing’s” Door Hotel Amerika, Spring
Atte, Olumayowa Road To Ibadan New Letters, Vol. 79, No. 1
Aubry, Timothy Sizing Up Oprah The Point, Spring
Baker, Laura Jean Year Of The Tiger War, Literature, And The Arts, No. 24
Baldwin, Rosecrans Our French Connection The Morning News, May 29
Barot, Rick Morandi Sonnet Zyzzyva, Winter
Barth, John The End? Granta, Winter
Bass, Rick The Larch: A Love Story Orion, September/October
Bassist, Elissa The Never-To-Be Bride The New York Times, Sunday, April 29
Baxter, Charles Undoings: An Essay In Three Parts Colorado Review, Spring
Beam, Cris Mother, Stranger The Atavist, January
Beaver, Mark Taxidermy Third Coast, Fall
Begley, Louis My Europe The New York Review Of Books, April 5
Beller, Thomas The Fun Of Bad Business The Oxford American, No. 77
Bent, Geoffrey The Virtuoso Boulevard, Fall
Berlinski, Mischa A Farewell To Haiti The New York Review Of Books, March 22
Berry, Flynn Surfing The Los Angeles Review, Fall
Beudel, Saskia Ground Glass The Iowa Review, Spring
Bialosky, Jill How To Say Good-Bye Real Simple, February
Birkerts, Sven It Wants To Find You Agni, No. 76
Black, Althea Essay To Be Read At 3a.M. Narrative
Blackburn, Kathleen Where Now Is River Teeth, Fall
Blunt, Judy Occupying The Real West New Letters, Vol. 78, Nos. 3 & 4
Boggs, Belle The Art Of Waiting Orion, March/April
Bonomo, Joe Live Nude Essay! Gulf Coast, Winter/Spring
Boyers, Robert My “Others,” The Yale Review, January
Brodie, Nathaniel Sparks Creative Nonfiction, Spring
Brown, Steven Matthew Rest Stop Apologia Black Warrior Review, Spring/Summer
Buckmaster, Linda Becoming Memory Upstreet, No. 8
Buff, Rachel Ida All The Strange Hours: A Taxonomy The Southern Review, Winter
Bures, Frank The Fall Of The Creative Class Thirty Two, July/August
Burkholder, Tracy Proof Cincinnati Review, Summer
Burnet, Carand Axis Gulf Coast, Summer/Fall
Burroughs, Franklin For What Blood Was Worth The Sewanee Review, Summer
Burt, Stephen On Growing Up Between Genders New Haven Review, Summer
Butler, Sam Elvis Presley Has Been Avenged The Gettysburg Review, Winter
Byrne, Peter Cliché Bound In Naples Able Muse, Summer
Capossere, Bill Strange Travelers Colorado Review, Fall/Winter
Carson, Anne We Point The Bone Tin House, No. 52
Cásares, Oscar My Name Is Cásares Texas Monthly, November
Casey, Maud A Stubborn Desire A Public Space, No. 15
Cassese, Frank It Doesn’t Mean We’re Wasting Our Time Guernica, November 1
Castillo, Mauricio Md, [Happy Face Icon] American Journal Of Neuroradiology, September
Caton, Leslie Do You Really Want A Bird? Wapsipinicon Almanac, No. 19
Cawthorne, Jane Something As Big As A Mountain Prism, Spring
Chadburn, Melissa The Throwaways The Rumpus, January 25
Chai, May-Lee The Blue Boot The Missouri Review, Summer
Church, Steven Fight, Bull Prairie Schooner, Winter
Cohen, Andrew D. Searching For Benny Paret Normal School, Spring
Cohen, Paula Marantz The Meanings Of Forgery Southwest Review, Vol. 97, No. 1
Cohen, Rachel Gold, Golden, Gilded, Glittering The Believer, November/December
Cohen, Rich Pirate City The Paris Review, Summer
Colin, Barbara Flug Now Let’s Stare At The Purple Teachers & Writers Magazine, Winter
Condon, Wilhemina Walnut And Vine North Dakota Quarterly, Vol. 77, No. 4
Connaughton, Eli Burial, Alligator Juniper, 2012
Cook, Rebecca Flame The Southeast Review, Vol. 30 No. 1
Cooley, Martha Go Tell Your Father Agni, No. 76
Cornell, Maraya Landslides Antioch Review, Spring
Cranse, Roger Conant The Hearts And Minds Guys Raritan, Fall
Crenshaw, Paul When The War Began War, Literature, And The Arts, No. 24
Crocker, Ruth W. Sam’s Way The Gettysburg Review, Spring
Cummins, Deborah Names: Remaking The Calendar Under The Sun, Summer
Dameron, Jim All Ages Were Represented The Missouri Review, Summer
Daum, Meghan Haterade The Believer, January
Debon, John It’s Like When Your Mom Dies Concho River Review, Spring
De Leon, Jennifer The White Space Fourth Genre, Spring
Detweiler, Susan Under The Cloud The Missouri Review, Winter
Dillane, Aileen Jim, Across The Road New Hibernia Review, Spring
Dixon, Kent H. Sharkwalker The Florida Review, Summer
Dombrowski, Chris Chance Baptisms, Orion, July/August
Donavan, Joe Nonfiction Love Gold Man Review, No. 1
Donovan, Martha Andrews Dangerous Archeology Hayden’s Ferry Review, Spring/Summer
Donovan, Matt The House Of Vettii Cutbank, No. 77
Dostert, Mark Shorties Ascent, August 12
Doyle, Jacqueline The Tyranny Of Things South Dakota Review, Spring
Drexler, Regina Landslide Colorado Review, Spring
Dubus, Andre III Writing & Publishing A Memoir: What In The Hell Have I Done? River Teeth, Fall
Dumitrescu, Irina Alexandra Tasting Texas Southwest Review, Vol. 97, No. 1
Dunham, Lena First Love The New Yorker, August 13/20
Durham, Meenakshi Gigi Hunger Pangs The Iowa Review, Fall
Dyer, Geoff Street View The Believer, June
D’ambrosio, Charles True Believer Tin House No. 53
Edmundson, Mark Imagination: Powers And Perils Raritan, Fall
Edwards, C. Ronald The Coffin Handles Were Stalks Of Wheat Post Road, No. 22
Edwards, John M. Who Is This Charlie Sands? Hack Writers, March
Ehrenreich, Barbara The Animal Cure The Baffler, No. 19
Eisenfeld, Sue North River Roux Deep Waters, June
Epstein, Joseph Old Age And Other Laughs Commentary, March
Ervin, Kristine S. Cleaving To Crab Orchard Review, Winter/Spring
Esposito, Bernadette Speck Of Light Conjunctions, No. 58
Evans, Matt Burn All The Liars The Morning News, February 22
Fadiman, Anne The World’s Most Southerly Periodical Harvard Review, No. 43
Fairhall, Jim Nui Khe Revisited Crab Orchard Review, Winter/Spring
Faison, Amanda M. A Place At The Table 5280, August
Farkas, Andrew Somewhere Better Than This Place The Florida Review, Summer
Fawson, Shawn Belongings Of South Loop Review, No. 14
Feifer, George Okinawa 66 Years Later Colliers, February
Fincke, Gary Plant Voices Tampa Review, Nos. 43 & 44
Firstman, Carol Liminal Scorpions Colorado Review, Summer
Fischer, John The Last Place You Ever Live Guernica, September 17
Fischer, Seth Notes From A Unicorn The Rumpus, February 24
Flaherty, Ryan Craquelure Conjunctions, No. 58
Foster, Patricia The Red Chair Southern Humanities Review, Fall
Fox, Porter The Glass Filter Poets & Writers, September/October
Franzen, Jonathan A Rooting Interest The New Yorker, February 13/20
Frazier, Ian A Farewell To Yarns Outside, November
Friedman, Bonita The Watcher Image, No. 70
Funk,Mary Killdeer Oregon Quarterly, Summer
Garcia, J. Malcolm What Happens After Sixteen Years In Prison Mcsweeney’s, No. 41
Gass, William Narrative Sentences The Yale Review, January
Gawande, Atul Big Med The New Yorker, August 13/20
Gay, Roxane To Scratch, Claw, Or Grope Clumsily Or Frantically Ninth Letter, Fall/Winter
George, Diana Hume On Denying Denial, A Meditation Chautauqua, No. 9
Gerard, Philip Indivisible Our State, November
Gessner, David Clappers Ecotone, Spring
Gilbert, Sarah The Good Fight Oregon Humanities, Summer
Gilbreath, Aaron \’Ra-Di-Kel\ Hotel Amerika, Spring
Gill, A. A. Can This Wedding Be Saved? Vanity Fair, September
Gladwell, Malcolm Slackers The New Yorker, July 30
Goldbarth, Albert The Hamza Boulevard, Spring
Goldman, Francisco The Unresilient The Believer, September
Goodison, Camile Twelve Days Relief, Spring
Goolsby, Jesse Waiting For Red Dawn Alaska Quarterly Review, Fall/Winter
Gopnik, Adam The Caging Of America The New Yorker, January 30
Gordon, Mary The Taste Of Almonds Ploughshares, Fall
Gorham, Sarah Sentimental A La Carte Alimentum, No. 13, Winter
Gorry, Tony War Stories War, Literature, And The Arts, No. 24
Gray, Max No Stranger Jelly Bucket, No. 3
Greaney, Aine Green Card Amoskeag, Spring
Grut, Vicky Into The Valley Harvard Review, No. 43
Gwyn, Aaron Ostrander At The Door The Missouri Review, Summer
Haag, Pamela Death By Treacle The American Scholar, Spring
Hall, Donald Out The Window The New Yorker, January 23
Hampl, Patricia F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Essays From The Edge The American Scholar, Spring
Harper, Jean Colic The Florida Review, Winter
Harrigan, Stephen Where Is My Home? Texas Monthly, March
Harris, Kate The Contours Of Cold Cutbank, No. 77
Hedges, Chris War Is Betrayal Boston Review, July/August
Hernandez, Daisy Before Love, Memory Fourth Genre, Fall
Hessler, Peter Identity Parade The New Yorker, May 21
Hicks, Jennifer Bowen Attention North American Review, Summer
Hillard, Graham Honor Bound Memphis, September
Hoagland, Edward The Gravity Of Falling The American Scholar, Winter
Hoffman, Adina Imagining The Real Raritan, Spring
Holland, Eva Not An Ike And Tina Thing Vela Magazine, March 6
Holmberg, Karen Songs And Calls Of The Human Species The New England Review, Vol. 33, No. 1
Holt, Terrence The Perfect Code Granta, Summer
Hoover, Joe Sj, Occupy My Heart The Jesuit Post, February 6
Hornby, Nick My Patron The Believer, February
Houston, Pam Corn Maze Hunger Mountain, No. 17
Hruby, Patrick Game Over Sports On Earth, August 29
Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, Ewa Reading Under The Table Threepenny Review, Summer
Hsu, Hua The Death Star Lucky Peach, Fall
Hughes, Austin L. The Folly Of Scientism The New Atlantis, Fall
Hughes, Evan Consider The Gentrifier Tin House, No. 53
Hummel, Maria Sparrow Narrative, Winter
Hurt, Rochelle A Disbeliever In Limbo Image, No. 74
Hustvedt, Siri Freud’s Playground Salmagundi, Spring/Summer
Steven Harvey The Open Door Hunger Mountain, No. 17
Iyer, Pico On Not Eating Portland, Winter
Jackson, Lawrence The Ledger N + 1, Summer
Jain, Anjali, Md The Social History Journal Of Health Care For The Poor And Underserved, November
Jamison, Leslie Lost Boys A Public Space, No. 15
Jamison, Wes The Secret Garden South Loop Review, No. 13
Janisse, Melanie Detroit Bayou, No. 57
Jehlen, Myra How Georges Simenon Knew Where To Place The Couch Raritan, Summer
Jemc, Jac Notes Toward A Definition Of Luck Hobart, No. 13
Johnson, Trebbe Gaze Even Here Orion, November/December
Junod, Tom The Lethal Presidency Of Barack Obama Esquire, August
Kalfopoulou, Adrianne With My Daughter, Hannah Arendt, And The City Of Futures Hotel Amerika, Spring
Katsaros, Laure A New World Of Love The Massachusetts Review, Fall
Katz, Leon A Year With Alice B. Toklas The Yale Review, July
Keizer, Garret A Harmony In Living Lapham’s Quarterly, Winter
Kellerman, Jesse Deviated: A Memoir Commentary, May
Kelly, Philip Painting The Summer Palace Of The Queen The Sun, February
Kendall, Gilliam Easily Led The Sun, November
Kennedy, Thomas E. A Night In Tunisia Epoch, Vol. 61, No. 2
Kenny, Timothy Dark Nights And Feral Dogs Green Mountain Review, Vol. 25, No. 2
Key, Harrison Scott The Imaginary Farm The Oxford American, No. 77
Kinder, Colleen Blot Out Creative Nonfiction, Spring
King, Heather Of All The Mothers In The World The Sun, August
Klein, Joe How To Die Time, June 11
Knapp, Gwendolyn The Mother Load The Southeast Review, Vol. 30, No. 1
Kobrin, Sandra The Hitler Fund Alaska Quarterly Review, Fall/Winter
Kott, Andrea The Guns North Dakota Quarterly, Vol. 77, No. 4
Kramer, Jane A Reporter At Odds The New Yorker, July 23
Kraynak, Diane Lazarus Zone 3, Spring
Krieger, Daniel Going Gently Into That Good Night Narratively, September
Kuhns, Connie Last Days In Cheyenne Geist, Spring
Kumin, Maxine Love In Wartime The American Scholar, Autumn
Kunzinger, Bob Baby On A Windshield Southern Humanities Review, Winter
Kupperman, Kim Dana Tell Me How Long The Train’s Been Gone Hunger Mountain, December
Kurt, Kelly Death’s Yellow Door This Land, February 15
Kuzmick, Amber Famine And Feast Alimentum, No. 13, Winter
Labash, Matt The Meme Generation The Weekly Standard, June 4
Lacy, Robert Saturdays At The Paramount The Sewanee Review, Summer
Lahiri, Jhumpa My Life’s Sentences The New York Times, Sunday Review, March 18
Leahy, Anna Half-Skull Days The Pinch, Spring
Lear, Martha Weinman The Comfort Zone, Narrative
Leavitt, Melissa Show Off Willow Springs, Spring
Legault, David Significant Screams Barrelhouse, No. 10
Leslie, Naton All Around The World North Dakota Quarterly, Vol. 77, Nos. 2 & 3
Lewis, J. D. Tell Me Cimarron Review, Spring
Lightman, Alan The Temporary Universe Tin House, No. 51
Lingle, Brandon Queen’s Creek Guernica, August 30
Livatino, Mel Wintry Rooms Of Love Notre Dame Magazine, Summer
Livingston, Sonja Our Lady Of The Roses Fourth Genre, Spring
Long, Priscilla Studio Under The Sun, Summer
Lopate, Phillip City Essay Films Normal School, Fall
Love, Jessica Reading Fast And Slow The American Scholar, Spring
Lumpkin, David Church Is Wherever You Are The Oxford American, No. 77
Lysaght, Sean Sleeping With Books New Hibernia Review, Summer
Macone, Steve Rites Of Passage The American Scholar, Summer
Madden, Patrick Fixity Southwest Review, Vol. 97, No. 2
Malone, Margaret A Crooked Still Life Oregon Humanities, Fall/Winter
Marche, Stephen Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? The Atlantic, May
Mari, Francesca The Clock Test Alaska Quarterly Review, Fall/Winter
Marquart, Debra Losing The Meadow Alligator Juniper, 2012
Marshall, Peyton The Other Hemisphere Blackbird, Vol. 11, No. 1
Martin, Andy Hair Piece: Derrida In The Wilderness Raritan, Summer
Martin, Clancey My Old Man Harper’s, June
Marzano-Lesnevich, Alexandria Origins Of A Murder The Oxford American, No. 78
Masello, David Addicted To A Younger Man Salon.Com, August 27
Mastaler, Jason Shadow Walk Harvard Review, No. 42
Masters, Hilary Amelia Earhart’s Last Landing The Sewanee Review, Summer
Mathison, Neil Wooden Boat Blue Lyra Review, Vol. 1, No. 2
McCelland, Mac Shelf Lives Mother Jones, March/April
McClanahan, Rebecca Ginkgo Song The Kenyon Review, Summer
McClosky, Deirdre Happyism The New Republic, June 28
McCoy, Maureen Brother Joseph Wapsipinicon Almanac, No. 19
McGonigle, Thomas Then Notre Dame Review, Summer/Fall
McGregor, Michael A Gyroscope On The Island Of Love Image, No. 70
McPhee, John Editors & Publisher The New Yorker, July 2
Mendelsohn, Daniel Unsinkable The New Yorker, April 16
Merkin, Daphne We’re All Helmut Newton Now Elle, October
Messud, Claire The Road To Damascus Granta, Winter
Meyer, Kimberly Demeter And Persephone In The Heartland The Kenyon Review, Fall
Miller, Carolyn Arts And Science The Missouri Review, Fall
Miller, David The Four Seasons Mini Almanac Wapsipinicon Almanac, No. 19
Miller, Sam J. The Luke Letters Upstreet, No. 8
Mirosevich, Toni This Once Bright Thing Hayden’s Ferry Review, No. 51
Monroe, Debra Gray Area Guernica, April 1
Monticello, Amy The Other Woman Iron Horse Literary Review, Vol. 14, No. 3
Moore, Dinty W. Buried Alive Zone 3, Fall
Morris, Corey Carp River Crab Orchard Review, Summer/Fall
Morse, Sandell Hiding Ascent, August 12
Nadelson, Scott I’m Your Man Iron Horse Literary Review, Vol. 14, No. 1
Nelson, Alexis On Love And Memory Normal School, Spring
Newberry, Jacob French Suite Hunger Mountain, No. 17
Newberry, Jacob Summer Granta, Winter
Nixon, Rob Baboon Sycamore Review, Winter/Spring
Nordenson, Nancy Prelude Lake Effect, Spring
Odishoo, Sarah A. Eat Me: Instructions From The Unseen Zone 3, Spring
Okrent, Arika Body Language Lapham’s Quarterly, Spring
Oliu, Brian Friday The 13th The Los Angeles Review, Fall
Olsen, W. Scott Tag Tampa Review, Nos. 43 & 44
Oppenheimer, Mark Who Needs Poetry? The New York Times Magazine, September 16
Orner, Peter Renters Fifth Wednesday, Spring
Ostberg, Lauren C. On Hair So To Speak, Spring
Owen, David Scars The New Yorker, March 19
O’Connor, Mark Holy Ghosts The Massachusetts Review, Winter
O’Mara, Richard Brothers The Sewanee Review, Summer
Paramo, Adriana Oil Spills Remind Me Of Him Compass Rose, Vol. 12
Parker, Alan Michael Beach House As Nostalgia Museum The Believer, November/December
Patchett, Ann The Sense Of An Ending Vogue, September
Payton, Andrew Family Medicine Bayou, No. 57
Peck, Gail Child Waiting Apple Valley Review, Spring
Percy, Jen The Guinea Pig Lady Ninth Letter, Fall/Winter
Percy, Jennifer Bodies Witness, Spring
Perl, Jed Cash-And-Carry Aesthetics The Baffler, No. 20
Peters, Ann The House On The Ledge Southwest Review, Vol. 97, No. 1
Petrakis, Harry Mark The Three Lost Men Notre Dame Review, Summer/Fall
Pitkin, Daisy An Algorithm Cutbank, No. 77
Plimpton, Taylor My Father’s Voice The New Yorker.Com, June 17
Pollack, Eileen Ranch House New England Review, Vol. 32 No. 4
Potter, Dawn Not Writing The Poem The Sewanee Review, Winter
Potts, Rolf Tourist Snapshots The Common, No. 3
Powell, Robert Andrew In The Writers’ Room Harper’s, November
Prevallet, Kristin Blood On The Illusion Fourth Genre, Spring
Prose, Francine The Giving Tree Real Simple, May
Purtill, Corinne My Book Was A Bad Idea Salon, June 27
Patrick Ryan Grand Mal Granta.Com, October
Quade, Mary Hatch Flyway, Vol. 14, No. 3 & Vol. 15, No. 1
Quetchenbach, Bernard The Woods Are Burning Ascent, November 12
Quinlan, Kieran Kirwan Street, In Memory New Hibernia Review, Winter
Rafferty, Colin Notes Toward Building The Monument Witness, Spring
Raimi, Jessica Ballet School Antioch Review, Winter
Reid, Catherine Catch And Release Under The Sun, Summer
Rioux, James Tattoos, Death Metal, Shaving, and Other Ironies Five Points, Vol. 14, No. 3
Ritchie, Cinthia Running Sport Literate, Vol. 8, No. 1
Rodwan, Jr, John G. Nice Things About Detroit The American Interest, May/June
Rogers, James Silas Outside Metaphor Ruminate, No. 22
Rompf, David A Personal History Of Staring Hotel Amerika, Spring
Roripaugh, Lee Ann Poem As Mirror Box: Mirror Neurons, Emotions, Phantom Limbs, And Poems Of Loss And Elegy Jubilat, No. 21
Rose, Noelle A Heart For Knowing Anderbo
Rosenfeld, Natania Gravity Fifth Wednesday, Spring
Ross, Alex Love On The March The New Yorker, November 12
Rothbart, Davy Human Snowball The Paris Review, Summer
Rucker, Steven D. A Terminal Chord Upstreet, No. 8
Sanders, Scott Russell The Way Of Imagination The Georgia Review, Summer
Sanders, Ted The Playroom: A Diagram The Southern Review, Summer
Saner, Reg Married Grammar: The Deep Structure College Hill Review, No. 8, Summer
Savarese, Ralph James River Of Words, Raft Of Our Conjoined Neurologies Fourth Genre, Spring
Sawyer, Annita The Crazy One Bellevue Literary Review, Vol. 12, No. 1, Spring
Scarboro, Elizabeth No Man’s Land Bellevue Literary Review, Vol. 12, No. 2, Fall
Schaum, Melita Adam’s Curse The Briar Cliff Review, No. 24
Schepmann, Jill Our Country Parcel, Fall
Schrand, Brandon R. Esto Perpetua Ecotone, Spring
Schulak, Nikki On Not Seeing Whales Bellevue Literary Review, Vol. 12, No. 2, Fall
Schuler, Greta Empty Boxes Chattahoochee Review, Spring
Schwartz, Steven The Unbearable Lightness Of Not Being There The Massachusetts Review, Spring
Scott, Amy Lee Convergence Gulf Coast, Summer/Fall
Scrimgeour, Andrew D. Handled With Care The New York Times Book Review, December 30
Sedaris, David Understanding Owls The New Yorker, October 22.
Segal, Lore The Exes In My Life Antioch Review, Spring
Seiss, Daniele My Mother’s Ashes The Washington Post Magazine, May 13.
Selgin, Peter The Kuhreihen Melody The Missouri Review, Spring
Shannon, Lisa Blindfolds Anderbo
Sherwonit, Bill The Last Nature Writer Interdisciplinary Studies In Literature And Environment, Winter.
Shields, David Saving My Life Little Star, No. 3
Shine, T. M. American Idle The Washington Post Magazine, July 15.
Shoemaker, Jan Believer Make, Winter
Shulevitz, Judith The Grayest Generation The New Republic, December 20.
Shum, Keane My Short American Decade The Iowa Review, Winter.
Slater, Lauren The Spotless Mind Elle, September.
Slaughter, Anne-Marie Why Women Still Can’t Have It All The Atlantic, July/August.
Slotnik, Daniel E. Patient Zero Narratively, November.
Slouka, Mark The Academy Of Sciences Ploughshares, Fall.
Smith, Janna Malamud An Absorbing Errand The Sun, September.
Solod, Lisa Black Boots For The End Of The World Huffington Post, November 28.
Somerville, Kristine Camera Artist: The Portraiture Of Cecil Beaton The Missouri Review, Winter.
Sonenberg, Maya My Mother’s Closet South Loop Review, No. 13.
Spagna, Ana Maria Where You’d Rather Be Under The Sun, Summer
Spiegelman, Willard Senior Reading New Haven Review, Summer
Stanford, Eleanor Metamorphosis: Six Studies Indiana Review, Summer
Stanley, Brian Jay A Sense Of All Sorrows Pleiades, Summer.
Steiner, George Fragments (Somewhat Charred) The Kenyon Review, Summer
Steingarten, Jeffrey Turning Japanese Vogue, February
Stevens, J. David For Janet, At Forty The Gettysburg Review, Spring.
Stewart, Angela Rot The Gettysburg Review, Summer.
Stine, Alison The Last Hotel Zone 3, Fall.
Stine, Peter Detroit Wrecks,1982 Antioch Review, Spring
Stockman, Sebastian The Problem With Sportswriting The Millions, August 6.
Stone, Elizabeth Husband Emeritus The Gettysburg Review, Spring
Stone, Emily What Happens: Only You Know The Magic Words To Make It Possible North American Review, Spring
Stuart, Sarah Payne Pilgrim’s Progress The New Yorker, July 30
Stuckey-French, Ned Don’t Be Cruel: An Argument For Elvis Normal School, Fall
Sukrungruang, Ira To Kill A Thought: A Confession The Pinch, Fall
Sullivan, Robert Almanac A Public Space, No. 16
Sundberg, Kelly Like Mourners’ Bread Slice, No. 10
Sutton, Caroline Eclipsed Southern Humanities Review, Spring
Symmes, Patrick Who Pinched My Ride? Outside, February
Tao, Terence E Pluribus Unum: From Complexity, Universality Daedalus, Summer
Taylor, Tess The Waste Land App Threepenny Review, Summer
Temple, Kerry My Life In Clothes Notre Dame Magazine, Spring.
Theroux, Paul A Man And His Islands Smithsonian, May
Thomas, Francis-Noel Tea The New England Review, Vol. 33, No. 1
Tingley, Kim Whisper Of The Wild The New York Times Magazine, March 18
Tran, An Redshift The Carolina Quarterly, Winter
Trapp, Brian My City In Two Dog Parks Black Warrior Review, Fall/Winter
Tucker, Jason The Least Objectionable Thing Southeast Review, Vol. 30, No. 2
Ulmer, Spring A Short History Of Our Flesh And Blood Southern Indiana Review, Spring
Unru, Melanie The Place Called Mother Post Road, No. 23
Urrea, Luis Alberto The Mr. Smith Syndrome Zyzzyva, Fall
Valois, Michelle Good Form The Massachusetts Review, Winter
Vandermeer, Jeff The Art Of The Literary Fake (With Violin) New Haven Review, Summer
Vargas, Joe Antonio Shadow Americans Time, June 25
Vargas-Cooper, Natasha Hard Blows The New Inquiry, August 22
Veltfort, Sophia Missing Harvard Review, No. 42
Venegas, Maria The Devil’s Spine Ploughshares, Spring
Ventello, Primo Das Schweinehund The Carolina Quarterly, Spring/Summer
Vivian, Robert Always A River River Teeth, Fall
Vizzo, Emily A Personal History Of Dirt North American Review, Summer
Vodicka, Anna As Seen On TV Ninth Letter, Spring/Summer
Vollmer, Matthew Never Forget Ecotone, Spring
Vought, Janna Moments Of Snow Under The Gum Tree, October
Walker, Jerald Captain Love River Teeth, Fall
Walker, Nicole Skin Of The Earth Zone 3, Fall
Walsh, Maddy Placer County Jail Under The Gum Tree, October.
Warner, William Eaton On Pointing Agni, No. 75.
Wasserman, Steve The Amazon Effect The Nation, June 18
Watterson, Zachary Open Late Hours Post Road, No. 23
Weinstein, Adam Some Remarks On Teeth Conjunctions, No. 58
Weisman, Stefanie In Search Of E. B. Michigan Quarterly Review, Winter
Weller, Sheila Suddenly That Summer Vanity Fair, July
Wells, Sarah Country Boys, City Boys River Teeth, Spring.
Whitehead, Colson A Psychotronic Childhood The New Yorker, June 4/11
Whitney, Joel The Paris Review, The Cold War, And The CIA Salon.Com, May 27.
Wilbanks, Jessica Father Of Disorder Ruminate, No. 24, Summer
Wilkins, Joe Eleven Kinds Of Sky Orion, January/February
Williams, Brooke Moving Stones High Desert Journal, Fall
Williams, CK On Being Old American Poetry Review, July/August
Wilson, Frank Time Crystals Boulevard, Fall
Wilson, Jason Food For Thought The Washington Post Magazine, September 16
Wiman, Christian Mortify Our Wolves The American Scholar, Autumn
Wong, Sherry Dandelion Prism, Fall
Wood, Erin We Scar, We Heal, We Rise Anderbo
Wortman, Stephanie Greens Southwest Review, Vol. 97, No. 3
Yngve, Rolf Albert Three Tips For Those Returning From Deployments: A Memoir War, Literature, And The Arts, No. 24
Yun, Nina Kimchee Fourth Genre, Fall
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