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My Abandonment
My Abandonment
978-0-15-603552-1, $13.95, April

“This is a book you won't put down until you finish it, a book whose characters you'll never forget.”—Betsy Burton, The King's English Bookstore

“Riveting... Rock so expertly puts us inside this child's head that it becomes, as good books do, quite memorable.”Cleveland Plain Dealer

John the Revelator
John the Revelator
978-0-547-33690-9, $14.95, April

“Imaginatively dark, intriguingly descriptive... will grip readers with its unique blend of original characters, captivating imagery, and deviant humor.”—Zachary Tomaszewski, Literary Life Bookstore & More

“Has everything you could possibly want in a novel: mystery, love, fear, friendship, grief.”—Bookslut.com

The German Woman
The German Woman
978-0-547-33606-0, $13.95, June

“A sweeping, romantic journey... epic and deeply satisfying.”—Linda Ramsdell, The Galaxy Bookshop

“A gritty, unsentimental story of love and loyalty played out across Europe during the two world wars.”Publishers Weekly

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