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The German Woman Reading Group Guides
The German Woman
978-0-547-33606-0, $13.95, June

“A sweeping, romantic journey... epic and deeply satisfying.”—Linda Ramsdell, The Galaxy Bookshop

“A gritty, unsentimental story of love and loyalty played out across Europe during the two world wars.”Publishers Weekly

“Griner immerses us in the post-war German world with such convincing detail that it's almost impossible to believe that the author did not live through the events himself, right down to the boots on Kate's feet and her experience inside a Dada nightclub. Yet never does The German Woman have the feel of an over-researched historical novel... The writing here is so smooth that it feels almost as if you are watching a film.”
The Louisville Courier-Journal

“What Kate and Claus had experienced in the First World War, in which they were both betrayed by their countries, becomes significant in their choice of alliance in the second world war. Beaten by war, they fall in love fraught with doubt... Espionage is wittily used to evoke issues of love, patriotism and identity.”
A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

“Nothing in print has ever made me feel so vividly the collapse of the German eastern front in World War I.”
Patrick Killough

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