The New Geography Of Jobs - Enrico Moretti


The Colbert Report: Daniel Klaidman discusses his book

Mother Jones: Why Obama Caved in on National Security

The Wall Street Journal: Book Review

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports: Kill or Capture examines strategy to combat al-Qaida

Washington Post: Attorney General Holder considered resigning, book says While Defending Enhanced Interrogation, Former CIA Chief Hayden Beat Up A Subordinate In Front Of Obama

The Atlantic Wire: Christopher Hitchens' Waterboarding Video Changed Eric Holder's Mind

Yahoo News: Holder, Axelrod nearly engaged in White House fisticuffs

Daily Caller: Mexico upset by Fast and Furious as revelation surfaces that Obama accepts killing as part of presidency New Book: Axelrod, Holder Close to Blows in West Wing

Daily Beast: 7 key moments in the book Book comentary Comentary on MSNBC discussion

"Starting Point" CNN-TV: Live Interview with Dan Klaidman

"Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" MSNBC-TV: Live Interview with Dan Klaidman

"Morning Joe" MSNBC-TV: Dan Klaidman on Obama's "Kill List" and his strategic approach to the war on terror

Face the Nation: Dan Klaidman looks at Obama's use of drones and cyber warfare

Press Pass: David Gregory's interview with Dan Klaidman

USA Today's The Oval: Axelrod denies attending national security meetings

Kill or Capture excerpt in Newsweek: How Obama Learned to Kill

"Morning Joe" MSNBC-TV: Tina Brown's panel discussion of the Newsweek excerpt

The New Yorker: The President's Kill List

ABC News: Obama, The Drone Warrior-in Chief


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