Praise for the series
"The protagonists of Pfeffer's novels The Dead and the Gone and Life As
We Knew It
join forces in this third installment of a harrowing saga set in the
not so distant future. A year after the moon was thrown off course by a meteor, natural disasters and climate changes on Earth are still making mere existence a challenge...Throughout, readers will be moved by displays of compassion, strength, and faith as characters endure grim realities and face an
uncertain future."
—Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW
"It is a testament to the author’s skill that This World We Live In can be read
as a stand-alone novel. In fact, new readers might not even realize that the earlier titles exist. Fans of Miranda and Alex, however, will keep this
installment flying off the shelves, and the ambiguous ending will make
them clamor for a fourth book."
—School Library Journal
"This book showed the true beauty of life and death and how important it
is to cherish the people around you for the time you have. This book really captured it, and no matter what is happening to never give up—even when death is near, there is always something bright to look forward to, even
if it is just a can of soup."
—Sabrina, Age 16, TeensKnowBest blog

What people are saying about the series

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