The New Geography Of Jobs - Enrico Moretti

MIT Sloan Management Review: The Multiplier Effect of Innovation Jobs
Kirkus Reviews, April 15
All Things Considered, NPR
New York Times, inclusion in "The Promise of Today's Factory Jobs," by Eduardo Porter
Bloomberg Businessweek
TIME magazine, inclusion in Richard Florida piece
Market Day, MSNBC
Squack on the Street, CNBC Live Television Interview (for Apple's WWDC conference)
Wall Street Journal, inclusion in "Tech Industry Rebuts Critics on Outsourcing" by Jessica Vascellaro
Here and Now, NPR
New York Times, inclusion in "As College Grads Cluster, Some Cities are Left Behind," by Sabrina Tavernise
The Economist, inclusion in "The Facebook Economy" piece
Slate, "Helping Workers Relocate" feature

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