Letter from the Editors

Why We Created the Curious Baby Books

As expectant parents and moms on maternity leave, we were often bombarded with products designed to “build a better baby!” As if babies could get any better. These products equated parenting with pressure, and babies with blank slates: ones who frighteningly might already be falling behind other babies in development! When we welcomed our own beautiful children into the world, we didn’t want to begin tinkering with the wiring: we wanted to get to know these delightful, demanding, tiny people we loved.

How fortunate we felt to return to work and have the opportunity to shepherd a new line of books for babies that simply celebrates their innate curiosity. Curious George has been popular with children and parents for close to seventy years, not because he’s the cleverest monkey, but because, like most children, he embraces the world with open arms. It’s that love of new experiences and learning (and reading!) that is the only message you’ll find in our books.

So celebrate the unique treasure that is your own baby and your own exhilarating, exhausting experience as a caregiver. Every child is led by curiosity, and where it takes your baby—and you—is the adventure of a lifetime. We hope you’ll find these books a thoughtful, engaging, and merry start to that adventure.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

—Mary Wilcox and Monica Perez