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Hiya! I'm Agatha, and this page is to tell you about some of the people in my books!

This picture is me with Mom, Dad, smelly big brother James, and little
sister Tilly (and some really gross breakfast cereal ha ha!)

My family
Odd Street

This is ODD Street where me and my friends live. Our house is number 5.

Everything you need to know about my gang!

Agatha Parrot

Cleverness ?/10 I have my good days and my bad days. Ha ha!
How fast can she run 5/10
Appetite 6/10 unless it’s Dad’s cheese curry. YUK!
What she’s good at Being a lovely sister.
Hobby Acting, stamp collecting, playing chess, flower arranging, and every sport ever invented*.

(* Ok, I admit it, that’s a big load of lies. I only put all that to make myself sound interesting. My real hobby is lying on the sofa watching goofy tv shows and moaning about my big brother James. Oh, and I like reading books, too.)
Special features Very polite with lovely manners. And glorious hair.
What will she be? Supermodel celebrity actress.
Someone or something was ringing the old school bell!

Bianca Bayuss

Cleverness 8/10
How fast can she run 3/10
Appetite 2/10 because her parents have trained her only to eat brown rice, spinach, and yak cheese (whatever that is).
What she’s good at Anything arty like painting or dancing.
Hobby Playing trombone very loudly, like this: BWARB BARB BWARB!
Special features When she talks she gets her murds wixed up... I mean she gets her WORDS MIXED up!
What will she be? A ballet dancer who plays the trombone at the same time probably. I’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?
This is when Bianca was trying to invent a new noise on her trombone. It was awesome.

Martha Swan

Cleverness 2/10
How fast can she run 8/10 and that's true. She doesn't look very speedy, but you'd be surprised.
Appetite 10/10 Truly awesome.
What she’s good at Football and getting muddy, and she can SORT OUT BOYS too when they get a bit above themselves.
Hobby Finding chips down the back of the sofa and guessing what flavor they are.
Special features Very big and strong, and eats anything (even sprouts).
What will she be? A digger driver with lots of levers to play with.
This is what happened after Martha caught Olivia Livid playing a mean trick on Ellie! HA HA!

Ivy Malting

Cleverness 5/10 unless she’s being bonkers, in which case it’s 0/10 .
How fast can she run 9/10. She can whizz along like a flash, but the bad news is that she’s not so good at stopping. WHAM ha ha!
Appetite 7/10 but don’t let her eat anything with bright colors in it because she starts climbing onto things and then jumping off and expects you to catch her.
What she’s good at Inventing dangerous games.
Hobby Falling off things.
Special features Big mouth! If you want the whole world to know something, tell Ivy that it’s a secret.
What will she be? If she doesn’t end up being a mad scientist, then it’ll be a big waste.
Ivy found a clue to the ghost on top of the library bookcase - along with a load of dust, cobwebs and old candy wrappers!

Ellie Slippin

Cleverness 7/10
How fast can she run 6/10
Appetite 3/10
What she’s good at Times tables! She loves them. In fact, she thinks they’re funny.
Hobby Helping with all her little brothers and sisters.
Special features She’s scared of teachers, mushrooms, ghosts, feathers, envelopes, clothes on the washing line... in fact everything. But she’s good at changing nappies.
What will she be? She wants to be a fairy godmother, but I’m not sure you can do that as a job.
Poor Ellie is scared of everything!
She didn't even want to be on this web site
in case she saw a spider! (WEB site... it's a joke, right?)